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The West Virginia Mambo

This original song and dance was written, recorded, choreographed and filmed in West Virginia. It has already been utilized by a number of schools and organizations as an exercise activity and icebreaker.

People can learn the dance via the instructional video – or choreographer Brittany Javins can teach them in person. It’s fun for kids and adults.

For info, call the WVMHoF office at 304/342-4412 or email: wvmhof@gmail.com

Watch the “Kermit Kids” and the Carpenter Ants performing “The West Virginia Mambo,” with a special appearance by Landau Eugene Murphy, Jr.

Watch Brittany Javins demonstrate the steps to “The West Virginia Mambo.”

The backstory

The “West Virginia Mambo” was written by WVMHoF director Michael Lipton and Mountain Stage host Larry Groce for a summer music camp in Mingo County. Charleston dance instructor Brittany Javins choreographed an original dance to the music and spent a week teaching it to 16 kids who attended the music camp.

At the end of the week, filmmakers Michael Valentine, Ian Nolte, Max Nolte and Courtney Holschuh spent a day filming. America’s Got Talent winner Landau Eugene Murphy, Jr. stopped in to make a cameo.