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This county-by-county map of WV features 200 notable artists from all around the state. Take a musical tour of West Virginia that includes every imaginable music genre – and check out photos, bios, audio, and video files from all the artists.

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In the video above Hall of Fame Director Michael Lipton offers a demonstration of the Interactive Map.

Top West Virginia Honors to Two Favoite Sons
Brad Paisley with Distinguished West Virginian Award

West Virginia boy Brad Paisley took to the stage Saturday, March 1, 2014 in Charleston. But before the big show, Paisley was honored by the West Virginia Music Hall of Fame along with the Governor’s Office with the highest honor a West Virginian can receive, the Distinguished West Virginian Award.

When asked how it felt to return to his home state, Paisley said, “It’s not until you come back that all the memories flood your mind. When you come back up this way, it’s a different kind of world.”

He also said it made him extremely proud that West Virginia had a Music Hall of Fame.

Following the award presentation, Paisley took to the stage at the Charleston Civic Center to a packed house.

Michael Lipton, Billy Cox
photo by Joey Ansel

2011 WV Music Hall of Fame Inductee Billy Cox also received the Distinguished West Virginian Award during his appearance at the “Experience Hendrix” concert on March 19.

Billy Cox receives awardphoto by Larry Halley

2013 Inductees Click here to view slideshow

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