The scene consisted of heavy-hitting blues-rock bands like Quiet, Black Orchids and Heavy Rain, British Invasion-inspired bands like The Mojos (who reportedly had the highest rated record ever on "American Bandstand's" "Rate-a-Record"), and soul bands that included The King Sound Interpreters, 7 Seas, and The Esquires.

Meanwhile, the country scene was flourishing, thanks in large part to Buddy Starcher's long-running show on WCHS-TV.

In the mid-'70s, a different sound emerged from the valley with bands like Skiffle, Quint, Christina, Clear, Ebony and the Greeks, Stratus and the acoustic Putnam County Pickers.

The photos in this exhibit - along with the songs on the accompanying listening station - offer a visual and aural sample of that explosive musical era.


  The Mojos sported Mod clothes and a British Invasion sound
Jerry Leonard of the top R&B band the 7-Seas
The Dave Baber Trio
featured guitarist Vince Lewis
Heavy Rain, the Valley's heaviest rock band  
  Singer Jamie Wesley of the very popular band The Showmen